2022 Sailing Programme – Notes

This year we have introduced two new events, “The Brass Monkeys”, a winter event sailed on Sundays and the “Nile Rd Trophy”

Both are 4 series events with 3 races to count.

The RYSN handicap, Norris Cup, Brass Monkey and Nile Rd Trophy will consist of four series with the best of three to count.  They are spaced a fortnight apart allowing competition the chance to drop their worst performance to complete the series.

Each race day will consist of a maximum of 8 races. If the weather on the day doesn’t allow for 8 races, then discards may not be used.

Most series races are held fortnightly and do not clash with public holidays.

Wednesday wine races shall consist of three handicap races round the buoys, three scratch races round the buoys, and a scratch and a handicap Ocean Race.

The Norris Cup will start in April at Nile Rd when there should be enough water there. 

Wednesday sailing will be transferred to Best Is if there is not enough water at Nile Rd.

Monaco sailing will be on an ad hoc basis when tides allow.

A minimum of two people can sail at Best is or Nile Rd at anytime for casual sailing as long as the Health and Safety policy is adhered to. 

The Ladies Day and BBQ is set down for Wednesday 19 October 2022 to allow us to use the Marquee set up from the Top of the South Regatta.

Postponements will be notified by email by the Sailing Committee.

Even though there seem to be a lot of racing, the Sunday events are well spaced out to allow every opportunity to compete.

Wednesdays are more regular and designed for the more casual sailor to have

Social “fun sailing days”

Race Officers and Assistant Race Officers will have the average score for the event they control credited to their points for the series.

Race Officers are to arrange a substitute if they can’t attend.

DF 65’s.  We have scheduled a number of events for this class and it may need modification.  Mike Schruer will be the “go to “guy for this class.

We will do our best to accommodate other classes within this framework

John Levy    Wayne Avery   “The Sailing Committee”