2022 Wednesday Sailing programme

Wednesday Program (see below)Notes to the Sailing ProgramSunday Program

DateEventVenueRace Officer
2 FebNile Road Handicap IOMRace 1Nile RdDenis Gutschlag
2 FebNile Road Handicap DF65Race 1Nile Rd
9 FebWine Race (All classes)Best Is.John Levy
16 FebSocial Sailing (All classes)Best Is.Darryl Lamb
23 FebPairs Race IOMBest Is.Wayne Avery
23 FebPairs Race DF65Best Is.
2 MarNile Rd Handicap IOMRace 2Nile RdRoy Haswell
2 MarNile Rd Handicap DF65Race 2Nile Rd
9 MarThursday Cup IOMBest Is.Peter Foster
16 MarSocial Sailing (All classes)Best Is.Kerry Coppell
23 MarOcean Race Handicap IOMRace 1Best Is.John Levy
23 MarOcean Race Handicap DF65Race 1Best Is.
30 MarOcean Race Handicap IOMRace 2Best Is.John Levy
30 MarOcean Race Handicap DF65Race 2Best Is.
6 AprSocial Sailing (All classes)Nile RdLinley Morten
13 AprWine Race (All classes)Best Is.John Levy
20 AprOcean Race Handicap IOMRace 3Best Is.John Levy
20 AprOcean Race Handicap DF65Race 3Best Is.
27 AprSocial Sailing (All classes)Best Is.Colin Brown
4 MaySocial Sailing (All classes)Nile RdKen Allcott
11 MayWine Race (All classes)Best Is.John Levy
18 MayOcean Race Handicap IOMRace 4Best Is.John Levy
18 MayOcean Race Handicap DF65Race 4Best Is.
25 MaySocial Sailing (All classes)Best Is.Bob Spearman
1 JunNile Road Handicap (All classes)Race 4Nile Rd
8 JunWine Race (All classes)Best Is.
15 JunIOM Pairs RacingBest Is.
15 JunPairs Racing DF65Best Is.
22 JunSocial Sailing (All classes)Best Is.
29 JunOcean Race Handicap IOMRace 5Best Is.John Levy
29 JunOcean Race Handicap DF65Race 5Best Is.
6 JulSocial Sailing (All classes)Best Is.
13 JulWine Race (All classes)Best Is.
20 JulSocial Sailing (All classes)Best Is.
27 JulSocial Sailing (All classes)Best Is.
3 AugSocial Sailing (All classes)Nile Rd
10 AugWine Race (All classes)Best Is.
17 AugSocial Sailing (All classes)Best is.
24 AugOcean Racing PairsBest Is.
31 AugSocial Sailing (All classes)Best Is.
7 SepMatch Racing IOMRace 2Nile Rd
7 SepMatch Racing DF65Race 2Nile Rd
14 SepStarts, Practice, Rules (All classes)Best IsBasil Hart, Bob Spearman
21 SepWines Race (All classes)Best Is
28 SepSocial Sailing (All classes)Best is.
5 OctSocial Sailing (All classes)Nile Rd
12 OctStarts, Practice, Rules (All classes)Best Is.Basil Hart, Bob Spearman
19 OctLadies Race BBQ (All classes) Start 1500hrsBest Is.
26 OctWine Race (All classes)Best Is.
2 NovPairs Racing IOMNile Rd
2 NovPairs Racing DF65Nile Rd
9 NovSocial Sailing (All classes)Best Is.
16 NovSocial Sailing (All classes)Best Is.
23 NovSocial Sailing (All classes)Best Is.