Sailing Handicaps – IOM

Sailing Handicaps at 2 August 2022

May be revised by the Handicapper (Bob Spearman) after each event.

About the handicapping process

Handicaps for Ocean racing use the Club handicap unless otherwise indicated.

SkipperSail No.Club HandicapOcean Racing
Terry Doherty510 Start
Bob Jamison59 (DF95)0 Start
John Ralph210 Start
Peter Glue310 Start
John Moore145
Linley Morten4210
Michael Ballard0310
Kerry Coppell10615
Roy Haswell1715
Denis Gutschlag35025
Colin Brown4425
Dave Corbett19325
Ron Williamson15225
Wayne Avery5430
Darryl Lamb3330
Andy Luxford0235
Ken Allcott434055
Kayne Jacobson3845
Laurie Hope10845
Nigel Petrie244555
Bob Spearman1804555
Brian Curtis1175055
Brian Bennett0060
Basil Hart5060
Basil Hart5165
John Levy35365
Peter Jensen4065

Non-active sailors – sailing handicaps
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