The handicapping process

Our handicapper, Bob Spearman, has many years of experience in handicapping for yacht racing. Here are his comments about the process of handicapping for radio-controlled sailing.

When changing handicaps for yacht racing, I would get both the start and the finishing times so that I would have the elapsed times to work with for each boat. A boat’s handicap is a percentage of time.

In fleets of 12 or more, I would take the 4th placed boat, adjust the handicap for 1st, 2nd and 3rd up to equal the 4th time, then the 5th boat down to equal the 4th boat.

In fleets under 12 I would use the 3rd boat.

With radio-controlled boats, unfortunately we don’t have any individual times, so when I get a print out of the result I try to use the same principle.