Constitution – Nelson Radio Sailing Club Incorporated

  1. Name
    The name of the club is Nelson Radio Sailing Club Incorporated (hereafter written as NRSC Inc).
  2. Club Address
    The address of the Club shall be the residential address of the Club Secretary
  3. Purposes
    • The purposes of the Club are to:
    • Encourage interest in, and provide radio sailing and racing, for people, by gender, age, ability, and vulnerability in a range of radio-controlled yachts
    • Organise and provide social activities for club members and their families
    • Build and sustain membership which embraces and promotes the purposes and rules of the club
    • Manage digital and physical resources, and personnel to encourage and support members to
      • enjoy friendship, value sportsmanship, and show respect for each other through radio sailing
      • strive for and acknowledge excellence in radio yacht racing in the club, NZ, and the World
      • Show respect for the environment of Best Island and Nile Rd ponds and other venues
    • Promote public interest and understanding in radio sailing
    • Run events for Radio Yacht classes within the philosophy of NZR
    • Relate positively with other radio sailing and full sailing organisations and other users of Best Is and Nile Rd to build a rich program of events within the capabilities of members, to meet the interests and aspirations of all members
    • Pecuniary gain is not a purpose of the Club
  4. Aims
    Through radio sailing, the Club aims to value its members, consider their health and well-being, understand their goals and aspirations, and strives to provide the services and resources needed to achieve these aims.
  5. Ecological Statement
    NRSC Inc shows respect for the population of Nelson and contributes to the sustainability of the ecology of Best Island and the surrounding wetlands.
  6. Affiliations
    NRSC Inc shall maintain affiliation to the National body for radio sailing as recognised by Yachting NZ and such other organisations as may be decided at a Club Meeting.
  7. Membership
    1. Membership is open to anyone who is actively interested in radio sailing and / or the Club and its Purposes.
    2. Classes of membership shall include, Full Members, Youth Members, Life Members, Supporter Members, and such other classes as may be approved at an AGM.
    3. All members have the rights and responsibilities set out in these Rules.
    4. Only Full Members, Youth Members, Supporter Members and Life Members may vote or hold office.
    5. All members are required to be affiliated to the National body for radio sailing.
  8. Admission of members
    1. To become a member, a person must complete an application form and pay any applicable fees and subscriptions.
    2. The nominator for the new member must be a current financial member of the club.
    3. The Committee shall have complete discretion to decide whether to allow a person to become a member. The Committee shall advise the applicant of its decision, and that decision shall be final.
  9. Membership fees
    1. Full Members, Youth Members, Family Members and Supporter Members shall be required to pay the annual fee set by the committee, which will include an individual affiliation fee to the National body.
    2. Full, Youth, Family and Supporter membership fees will be determined at a Club Meeting.
    3. Life Members shall not be required to pay an annual Club Membership Fee.
    4. Membership fees will be charged annually from a time decided by the Club Committee.
  10. Membership Categories
    1. Full Member: any member not in the categories of Youth, Supporter or Life Members defined below.
    2. Youth Member: Any member who is age 19 or under at 30 September of the financial year in which the fees are paid.
    3. Supporter Member: Any member who supports the club in some way other than sailing in the regular sailing program.
    4. Life Member: Any member who has rendered special service to the Club may be elected a Life Member at an AGM by a majority of 75% of members present. Nominations may be made by any two financial members and must be submitted to the committee for approval at least 21 days before the AGM.
  11. The Register of Members
    The Club Committee shall keep a register of Members (“the Register”) with contact details of each member including the dates at which they became a member.
  12. Obligations of Members
    All Members shall
    1. Promote the Purposes and Aims of the Club.
    2. Refrain from actions that are inconsistent with the Club Purposes, these Rules, any Club Bylaws, and any decisions of the Club
    3. Abide by the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing
    4. Acknowledge and abide by the Club Health and Safety Plan during all club activities, for the good of themselves and others, and their property.
    5. Pay any applicable subscriptions or fees.
  13. Cessation of Membership
    1. Any Member may resign by giving written notice to the Secretary
    2. The Club Committee has the power to take appropriate disciplinary measures including the termination of membership.
      i. All complaints regarding the behaviour of members should be in writing to the Club Secretary.
      ii. The Club Committee will meet to consider complaints within 10 days of a complaint being lodged.
      iii. The outcome of a disciplinary hearing should be notified in writing to the person who lodged the complaint and the member against whom the complaint was made within 7 days of the hearing.
      iv. The member against whom the complaint was made has the right to appeal to the Secretary within 14 days of the hearing in writing and the Committee should consider the appeal within 10 days of the Secretary receiving the appeal.
      v. The committee decision on the appeal will be final.
  14. Committee Meetings
    1. The Club will be managed by a committee of financial members consisting of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, two Sailing Officers, and one committee member elected at a Club Meeting.
    2. The positions of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by the same person.
    3. Committee meetings will be held no less than four times a year with the quorum required being 4.
    4. Decisions of the Committee shall be by majority vote of the Committee members present. In the event of an equal vote, the Chair shall have a second vote.
    5. The Committee will be responsible for
      a. Identifying the services and resources needed to achieve the Club’s Aims.
      b. Managing the Club based on the rules, and
      c. Adopting new policy, codes of practice and rules that affect the management of the Club.
    6. All financial members of the Club may attend a committee meeting.
    7. The Committee may appoint individuals and sub-committees as necessary to fulfil its business.
    8. If the position of any Committee Member becomes vacant, the Committee may appoint another Club Member to fill that vacancy until the next Club Meeting.
    9. If any Committee Member is absent from three consecutive meetings without leave of absence the Commodore may declare that person’s position to be vacant.
  15. Club Seal
    1. There shall be a Seal of the Club which shall be kept in the custody of the Secretary.
    2. The Seal shall be affixed to any document requiring affixture of the seal and only by the authority of the Club’s Committee in the presence of the Commodore and one other Committee member.
    3. The Seal shall be altered or renewed only by resolution of the Club’s Committee.
  16. Club Meetings
    1. The Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Special General Meeting (SGM) will be given to all members by the Secretary with a call for Nominations for the Committee and any Notice of Motions proposed and seconded, not less than 21 clear days before the meeting.
    2. Club Meetings will receive a report from the Commodore and a reviewed statement of accounts.
    3. Candidates, nominated and seconded by registered financial members, for the Election of Officers and Committee Members, and Motions proposed will be sent to the Secretary not less than 14 clear days before the AGM.
    4. Elections of the Committee positions are to take place at a Club Meeting.
    5. All Full Members, Youth Members, Supporter members and Life Members have the right to a single vote at Club Meetings.
    6. No Club Meeting may be held unless a quorum of at least 8 financial members attends.
    7. An AGM shall be held no later than the last week in October.
    8. An SGM may be called by the Committee. The Committee must call an SGM if the Secretary receives a written request signed by at least 20% of the registered financial members.
  17. Use of Money and Other Assets
    1. The financial year for the club shall end on the 30th of September each year.
    2. All Club monies will be banked in an account held in the name of the Club.
    3. The Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of the Club.
    4. The Club may only Use Money and Other Assets if:
      – It is for a Purpose of the Club; and not for the sole personal or individual benefit of any Member or any person associated with the member.
      – The use has been approved by either the Committee or by majority vote of a Club Meeting.
    5. Any transaction against the Club funds should be approved by the Treasurer and 1 other of the Club’s officers.
    6. Any financial transaction or any financial commitment greater than the Club’s total reserves shall be approved by a 75% majority vote at a Club Meeting.
  18. Indemnity
    1. NRYS shall indemnify committee members and other officers and employees of NRYS in respect of all liability arising from proper performance of their functions connected with NRYS .
  19. Personal Benefit Clause
    1. Any income, benefit or advantage shall be applied to the Aims of the Club. No member or any person associated with the member, shall participate in, or materially influence any decision made by the Club, in respect of the payment to or on behalf of that member or associated person, of any income, benefit or advantage whatsoever.
    2. Any such income shall be reasonable and relative to that which would be paid in an arms-length transaction (being open market value).
    3. The provisions and effect of this clause shall not be removed from this document and shall be included and implied into any document replacing this document.
  20. Winding up Clause
    1. A resolution to dissolve the Club can only be passed at a Club Meeting by a majority vote of the membership at the club meeting.
    2. If upon winding up or dissolution of the Club there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property or money whatsoever the same shall not be paid or distributed among the members but shall be given or transferred by resolution at the Club Meeting to some other organisation or body with similar aims to the Club that also has an income tax exemption or some other charitable purpose, within New Zealand.
  21. Amendments to the Constitution
    1. This Constitution will only be changed by a majority vote at a Club Meeting.
    2. No addition to or alteration of the Aims, Personal Benefit Clause or the Winding Up Clause shall be made which affect the tax-exempt status. The provisions and effects of this clause shall not be removed from this document and shall be included and implied into any document replacing this document.