Health & Safety Policy

Nelson Radio Sailing Club Inc.

Health and Safety Policy for Best Island Venue.

Parking is prohibited within the perimeter of the venue and along the Fulton Hogan access road.

Available parking is in the designated area adjacent the venue on Barnett Avenue.

Members may drive into the venue using the one way road, to unload and pick up their boats and equipment only.

Access is prohibited beyond the rope fence area.

The recovery of grounded or faulty boats must be by inflatable rescue craft only.

Maximum of two persons allowed in inflatable craft at one time..

Life jackets must be worn in inflatables at all times.

At least one person must remain on land at all times when inflatable is in use.

Maximum of six people allowed on pontoon at one time.

Life buoy attached to rope must be available on pontoon at all times during all sailing.

Minimum of two persons may sail at any time at the venue providing they are wearing life jackets.

Smoking is not permitted in the sailing control area or the rigging area.

All gates must be locked upon leaving the venue at the end of sailing.