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Welcome to the Radio Yacht Squadron Nelson website.

Radio Yacht Squadron Nelson  (RYSN)  is a small club of approximately twenty five enthusiastic members situated in Nelson, New Zealand who enjoy the challenges involved with the  great sport of sailing and building radio controlled model yachts.

We sail all classes of yachts from the larger EC12’s to the very small Micro Magics.
Due to the lack of a fresh water sailing venue in our immediate area we do most of our sailing at the Monaco peninsular when the tides allow. The EC12 class is mostly sailed at a fresh water pond at Mariri which is a 30 minute drive from Nelson.

The International one meter (IOM) class is the fastest growing class in the squadron and is a mixture of designs like the ‘Arrow’ by Frank Detrich, the Goth by Frank Russell plus many others. Most yachts are home built but we do have a couple of hybrids in the squadron.

Because we mainly race all together regardless of class,  we use the Rygged Handicap System with different groups starting at 15 second intervals depending on the skipper and boats ability. The EC12 class has standard Fleet racing and match racing held at Mariri which still runs from the days before the fin keel boats became popular.

Each year the EC12’s compete for a one off match race for the Match Racing Cup, they also compete for the IMAC Trophy which is fleet racing and consists of four rounds during the year with the skipper able to drop his worst round.

Our other events are open to all classes and are all handicap racing. We compete for the Norris Cup, another four round competition with the skipper able to drop his worst round and the Thursday Sailing Cup which is a one off on the day handicap racing for those who attend.

Most days when the tides are right you’ll find most of us at one of the Monaco sailing venues and you can check when the tides are right here.

Why don’t you come and give it a go,you’ll be most welcome.

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